Assessment methods - Extended Proceedings

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  • Socio-cultural sustainability and an assessing model for reuse adaptation  
    Aydin Dicle
  • Assessment of thermal rehabilitated buildings, from an energetic point of view and of the indoor environment quality in the spirit of the total performance concept  
    Bliuc Irina, Irina Baran
  • SBToolPT – The Adaptation of the Global SBTool to the Portuguese Context  
    Bragança Luís, Ricardo Mateus
  • The adoption of LCA to assess austainable building technologies in office buildings  
    Dimitrokali Elisavet, Rusdy Hartungi, Joe Howe
  • DGNB vs. LEED: a comparative analysis  
    Eberl Sebastian
  • OPEN HOUSE - instrument for assessing the sustainability performance of buildings in Europe  
    Essig Natalie
  • Sustainability criteria’s to improve the quality of dwelling houses over the lifecycle  
    Gensmantel Andreas
  • Sustainability indicators: measuring the unmeasurable  
    Huovila Pekka, Carmen Antuña Rozado
  • Determinants of Housing Consumption and Residential Crowding in Hong Kong  
    Jayantha Wadu Mesthrige, Eddie C. M. Hui
  • Environmental Assessment of Public Buildings – Example Case  
    Kwiatkowski Jerzy, Aleksander Panek
  • Simplified Methods of Building Environmental Assessment in Poland  
    Kwiatkowski Jerzy, Michał Piasecki, Aleksander Panek
  • Smart models as intelligent assistants in building LCA  
    Loewe Katrin, Stefan Albrecht, Matthias Fischer, Bastian Wittstock
  • Estimation of ventilation rates in mechanically ventilated buildings  
    Lu Tao, Xiaoshu Lü, Anssi Knuutila, Martti Viljanen
  • Chaos Models in Sustainable Building Simulation  
    Lü Xiaoshu, Derek Clements-Croome, Martti Viljanen
  • Sustainability and Performance Assessment and Benchmarking of Buildings  
    Lupíšek Antonín, Petr Hájek, Tereza Pavlů, Tarja Häkinen
  • SB2010 Method For Sustainable Building Assessment  
    Macias Manuel, Nils Larsson
  • Assessment of residual working life for existing bridges  
    Marková Jana, Holický Milan
  • Is it Possible to Integrate Accurate Environmental Assessment Methods in Building Sustainability Rating Systems?  
    Mateus Ricardo, Luís Bragança
  • Control procedures of efficiency audit  
    Měšťanová Dana
  • Energy Certification of buildings: parametrical study on the increasing certification class obtained in residential buildings in Spain  
    Montero Eduardo, Manuel Fernández, Fernando Aguilar, María Jesús González
  • Adjusment of parameters used for calculation method applied in certification process in poland  
    Panek Aleksander, Joanna Rucińska
  • European LCA Exercise  
    Piasecki Michał
  • Improving the Indoor Quality with MINERGIE-ECO  
    Rühle Thomas, Severin Lenel
  • Environmental Assessment od Structural Design of Residential Buildings within the Project Ecopark Odolena Voda  
    Ruzicka Jan, Štěpán Mančík
  • LCA – Use and barriers  
    Staller Heimo, Wibke Tritthart, Mónika Hajpál
  • Building Environmental Assessment System - Weight Determination  
    Šenitková Ingrid, Eva Krídlová Burdová, Silvia Vilčeková
  • Change and Continuity in Traditional Environments: Case of Güzelyurt (Gelveri-Kalvari) - Turkey  
    TER Ümmügülsüm, Elmas Erdoğan
  • National Green Building Assessment Tool in India  
    Vij Apoorv
  • Multicriterial evaluation of buildings based on incomplete data model  
    Vochoc Ludek, Vladimír Žďára
  • SBToolCZ - Complex Assessment Methodology of Buildings Performance for Czech Republic  
    Vonka Martin, Antonín Lupíšek, Petr Hájek
  • What is green? Benchmarking the environmental performance of sustainable buildings  
    Wittstock Bastian, Katrin Löwe, Matthias Fischer, Anna Braune, Johannes Kreißig
  • Reuse of monumental buildings as a sustainability component  
    Yaldız Esra
  • Comparative Analysis of Life Cycle Inventory Databases for Structural Steel Members  
    Zygomalas Iordanis, Evangelos Efthymiou, Charalambos Baniotopoulos