Economy - Extended Proceedings

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  • Rational Expectation in Facility Management  
    Beran Vaclav, Dlask Petr
  • Market value of sustainability buildings and their market share  
    Heralova Renata Schneiderova
  • Energy Balance Modeling of the Buildings  
    Karásek Jiří
  • The integration of sustainability issues into property valuation theory & practice – An international review  
    Lorenz David, Thomas Lützkendorf
  • Building Maintenance and Renovation  
    Mace Daniel
  • Evaluation of energy saving arrangements in buildings  
    Povýšil Ondřej
  • Integration of sustainability issues into real estate risk analysis as a foundation of real estate portfolio management  
    Rohde Christoph, Thomas Lützkendorf, Wei Fan
  • Do Green Building Councils Make Sense? An Economic Analysis  
    Sedlacek Sabine, Gunther Maier
  • Financing in a sustainable building process  
    Taipale Kaarin