Education and information - Extended Proceedings

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  • Implementation of international energy engineering e-courses for promotion of sustainability buildings and communnities  
    González María Jesús, Eduardo Montero, Fernando Aguilar
  • Sustainable Building Education at Czech Technical University in Prague  
    Hájek Petr, Karel Kabele, Jan Růžička, Jan Tywoniak
  • Sustainable Education in Earth building  
    Jörchel Stephan, Horst Schroeder, Ulrich Röhlen
  • EnerCities: educational game about energy  
    Knol Erik, Peter W. de Vries
  • Experimental atelier: garbage design  
    Novakova Katerina, Henri Achten
  • Teaching Sustainable Design to the World  
    Sickinger Richard
  • Education and training in the field of sustainable building design  
    Šenitková Ingrid, Silvia Vilčeková
  • New educational course «Reinforced concrete and stone constructions in ecological building»  
    Tetior Alexander
  • New network offers public authorities the possibility to exchange Experiences and knowledge About sustainable Construction  
    Tisch Angelika, Heimo Staller
  • MSc in Sustainable Architecture: Towards a Zero Emission Built Environment  
    Wyckmans Annemie
  • Teaching Sustainable Approach in Architecture School  
    Zavřel Zdeněk, Dalibor Hlaváček