Energy efficiency - Extended Proceedings

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  • Building shape and heating requirements: a parametric approach in Italian climatic conditions  
    Albatici Rossano, Francesco Passerini
  • Energy Efficiency in Urban Restructuring Projects - Guidelines and practical lessons from 6 European cities  
    Alsema Erik, Tomas Vimmr, Monika Kwapulinská
  • Costs of Reduction of Energy Demand in Construction  
    Anisimova Nataliya
  • Bioclimatic Design in Türkiye: Lessons From Past, Visions For Future  
    Bedir Merve, Gülsu Ulukavak Harputlugil, Gülser Çelebi
  • Sustainable Building Today - Energy efficiency through green construction  
    Braig Thomas, Ruediger Utsch, Oliver Bruns
  • Design and development of a smart window for solar control of glazed façades  
    Carbonarin Alessandro, Berardo Naticchia, Giorgio Tosi, Carla Conti
  • Multicriteria and multilevel optimization tasks application to choose building energy standard  
    Fedorczak-Cisak Małgorzata, Marcin Furtak
  • The conversion of energy efficiency requirements for buildings in Poland  
    Geryło Robert
  • Energy efficiency practice in office Building  
    Hartungi Rusdy, Chris Pye
  • The Intelligent Building equipped by the Neural Network controling the KNX Devices helps increase Energy Efficiency  
    Hasaj Martin, Pavel Kordík, Miroslav Šnorek
  • Sustainable Refurbishment of Museums  
    Hoppe Michaela, Volker Huckemann, Lars Klemm
  • EPBD energy performance certification for sustainable buildings  
    Kabele Karel, Miroslav Urban, Michal Kabrhel, Daniel Adamovský
  • The energy behavior of the residential building stock in Cyprus in view of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive implementation  
    Kalogirou S.A, C.N Maxoulis, G. A. Florides, G. P. Panayiotou, A.M Papadopoulos, M. Neophytou,, P. Fokaides, G. Georgiou, A. Symeou, G. Georgakis
  • Exploitation of an air-ground heat exchanger in a low-energy family house  
    Kolbábek Antonín, Michal Jaroš
  • The role of transport for energy efficiency of buildings  
    Köllinger Claus, Anna Thormann
  • Concentrated Heat Storage for Solar Heating  
    Lari Adil
  • Energy performance assessment for existent single family dwellings  
    Lepădatu Constantin, Irina Bliuc, Irina Baran
  • Potential for a Neighbourhood Income-Based Domestic Energy Model for Ordinary Electricity Use in England  
    Lorimer Stephen William
  • Reaching Sustainable Settlement and Building Structures as a Problem of Choosing Intelligent Indicators  
    Macoun Thomas, Ulrich Leth, Harald Frey
  • Various approaches to the evaluation of the energy performance of buildings in Italy – Some results of calculation procedures application on residential buildings  
    Magrini Anna, Francesca R. d'Ambrosio Alfano, Lorenza Magnani, Roberta Pernetti
  • Complex Retrofit of Prefabricated Block of Flats – Economic and Environmental Aspects  
    Macholda, František, Antonín, Jan, Beranovský, Jiří, Kotek, Petr, Šancová, Lucie, Vogel, Petr
  • Sustainable public buildings in Wels (Upper Austria)  
    Mertenová Kateřina, Heinz Plöderl
  • Proposal of Simplified Calculation 6R1C Method of Buldings Energy Performance Adopted to Polish Conditions  
    Narowski Piotr, Maciej Mijakowski, Aleksander Panek, Joanna Rucińska, Jerzy Sowa
  • Resource efficiency of Passive and Low Energy Houses – A comparison of calculated space heating demand and measured space heating consumption  
    Neururer Christoph, Martin Treberspurg, Roman Smutny
  • Achieving 6 star energy efficient housing cost effectively in Australian temperate climates  
    O’Leary Timothy, Martin Belusko, Frank Bruno
  • The influence of passive cooling on energy saving  
    Ostrý Milan, Pavel Charvát
  • Energy consumption and robustness of buildings  
    Palme Massimo, Antoni Isalgué, Helena Coch, Rafael Serra
  • Multi-comfort house (energy-efficient living and first project in Czech Republic)  
    Sedlacek Karel
  • Domestic Polygeneration Practices for Energy Saving in Building  
    Sibilio Sergio, Maurizio Sasso, Carlo Roselli
  • Sustainability Monitoring of Viennese Housing Estates. Post-Occupancy-Evaluation, Energy Monitoring and Cost Analysis of Passive and Low Energy Housing Estates.  
    Smutny Roman, Martin Treberspurg
  • Building integration aspects of solar thermal collectors and photovoltaics  
    Tripanagnostopoulos Yiannis, Juliane Metzger