Quality of internal and external Environment

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  • Probabilistic models for energy efficient building: a case-based support system for schematic design phase  
    Ansuini Roberta, Massimo Lemma, Alberto Giretti, Costanzo Di Perna
  • Envelope behavior assessment: in situ measurement and analysis of thermal loss  
    Ansuini Roberta, Massimo Lemma, Alberto Giretti, Costanzo Di Perna, Roberto Larghetti
  • Building biology in low energy and passive houses  
    Eyer David
  • Numerical simulations regarding air circulation in urban spaces.  
    Fartatescu Mariana, Manoliu Raluca Maria
  • Interaction of environmental noise and building construction  
    Flimel Marián
  • Integration of recently built-up areas into the pattern of the city  
    Hainc Jaromír, Jan Jehlík
  • Important Points of Brownfield Revitalization  
    Horicka Jana
  • Urban canyon effects on Valparaiso  
    Isalgué Antoni, Claudio Carrasco-Aldunate, Helena Coch, Rafael Serra
  • Daylight in the building  
    Maierova Lenka, Karel Kabele
  • Impacts of form-design in shading transitional spaces: the Brazilian Veranda  
    Maragno Gogliardo Vieira, Helena Coch Roura
  • Acoustic quality of dwellings, a concept of uniform classification scheme  
    Nurzynski Jacek
  • Managing the Indoor Security and Safety in Historical Buildings  
    Olivero Sergio, Pekka Huovila, Janne Porkka, Federico Stirano
  • The applicability of building products with the function to reduce the EMF exposure.  
    Paparella Rossana
  • The Energy Certification and Indoor Environment Quality in a School  
    Petras Dusan, Sabikova, J.
  • A common metrics and set of indicators for assessing buildings an urban fabric sustainability performance  
    Salat Serge, Daphné Vialan, Caroline Nowacki
  • Energy Efficient Buildings – Design and Energy Calculations in Variants  
    Sojková Kateřina
  • Indoor Air Quality of the Office Buildings  
    Šenitková Ingrid, Tomáš Tomčík
  • Theoretical assessment of the impact low-emission plaster on the microclimate of buildings  
    Šikula Ondřej, Miloš Kalousek
  • IEAA-assessment tool for architectural competitions  
    Treberspurg Martin, Mariam Djalili, Roman Smutny, Markus Gratzl-Michlmair, Heimo Staller