Material efficiency - Extended Proceedings

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  • Woodstock: a unique building that demonstrates advanced climate protection using the Czech NOVATOP Construction System  
    Babor Michal, Jiří Oslizlo
  • Surface pretreatment - a way to effective utilization of waste plastics as concrete aggregate. Review and first experiences  
    Bágeľ Ľubomír, Peter Matiašovský
  • Hemp - thermal insulation for suistainable building  
    Blaha Martin
  • Sustainable Construction in Remote Communities: A Case Study from Aurukun, Australia  
    Burroughs Steve
  • Recycling of C&D Waste in Belgium: Ongoing Research and Relevant Developments  
    Desmyter Jan, Jeroen Vrijders, Luc Boehme
  • Renovation of the bridge using GFRP reinforced concrete slabs  
    Ďurech David, Petr Štěpánek, David Horák
  • Optimized balcony precast elements from fibre concrete  
    Fiala Ctislav, Petr Hájek, Vlastimil Bílek
  • Despite All Strategies for Enhancing Resource Efficiency, Per Capita Material Stock Is Increasing – Housing Stock And Building Material Flows in Germany 2050  
    Gruhler Karin, Clemens Deilmann
  • Environmantal parameters of building materials and structures - data uncertaines  
    Hodková Julie
  • Expanded clay thermo insulating concrete  
    Hubertova Michala, Rudolf Hela, Roman Stavinoha
  • Waste materials in concrete – acceptable deterioration or improvement?  
    Jerga Ján, Martin Križma, Terezia Nürnbergerová
  • Sustainability of polyurethane thermal insulation – performance assessment at building and building component level  
    Kotaji Shpresa, Oliver Loebel
  • The use of plastic crushed material from electronic waste in structural cement composites  
    Križma Martin, Terezia Nürnbergerová, Ján Jerga
  • ETICS with integrated vacuum insulation panels  
    Kubina Libor
  • Utilization of high performance silicate composites in material effective building structures  
    Kynčlová Magdaléna, Petr Hájek, Ctislav Fiala
  • Materials Ecoefficiency and Perception  
    Lerma Beatrice
  • Agriculture waste products as resources for building low tech design  
    Mastrolonardo Luciana
  • Water parmeability of crashed WEEE plastic waste-cement composites  
    Matiasovsky Peter, Olga Koronthalyova
  • Environmental assessment (LCA) as guide parameter in choosing eco-efficient materials  
    Milano Patrizia
  • Photocatalysis in building technology: a comparison between different light sources  
    Paparella Rossana, Roberta Bertani, Giorgio Garau, Pietro Fiorentin, Alessandro Scroccaro, Fabio Simionato
  • Examples of using of recycled polymers (HDPE, PP) for solution of construction details  
    Pěnčík Jan, Libor Matějka
  • Saving natural resources by material recycling  
    Rübner Katrin, Petra Jakubcová, Tristan Herbst
  • Numerical analysis of moisture performance of selected types of building panel envelopes  
    Vertal Marian, Durica Pavol
  • EPS – the insulation for sustainable building  
    Zemene Pavel, František Vörös