Steve Burroughs

Innovative Approaches in the Advancement of Smart Building Skins

Dr. Burroughs has active research interests in the sustainable built environment and has published a series of peer-reviewed papers in international academic journals. The results of his research have been applied to his design and construction of low-energy buildings. Importantly, because of the way the investigation was formulated, the results have enabled Global communities as well as Indigenous communities to quickly learn and practically apply the material preparation and construction techniques to their building projects.

Burroughs has spent years researching and developing relationships with Indigenous Australians investigating how small remote, isolated communities adapt livelihoods and landscapes to climate and global market shocks using natural building materials. Working with Indigenous Australians allows contributing to the Human Dimensions Global Environmental Change and Remote Sensing field of research.
Burroughs is currently the Private Sector Development Project Chair of Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation advising and assisting with the procurement of housing through self-help, rural development, health services, and community disaster resiliency.

Academically Burroughs is currently investigating the challenging opportunity in the field of Humanitarian Engineering at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia.