Advanced building design - Extended Proceedings

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  • Adopting eco-efficiency strategies into maintenance activities of existing buildings  
    Allione Cristina
  • Form follows Energy in Srby, Czech Rep.  
    Austerveil Thomas, Anna-Maria Trauttmansdorff
  • Environmental requirements and Integrated design: methodological and applicative aspects  
    Basti Antonio
  • Eco-Industrial planning model: “APEA Carpinello” Forlì  
    Bastiani Massimo, Virna Venerucci, MarcoNori - Filippo Giovannini
  • New knowledge about regime of natural physical cavity of double-skin transparent façade under windless climate conditions – long term in-situ experimental research  
    Bielek Boris, Milan Bielek, Daniel Szabó
  • Environmental strategies for design of sustainable buildings in technique of green-eco architecture  
    Bielek Milan, Boris Bielek
  • Integrative Design: The key to cost-effective green buildings  
    Boecker John
  • Active House  
    Bukolská Klára
  • Two renovated public buildings with renewable energy technologies  
    Buvik Karin, Kirsten Engelund Thomsen, Ove Mørck
  • The Eco_Wall - Challenges in the pursue of LEED Platinum  
    Cory Joseph
  • An integrated approach to products and productions  
    Cozzo Brunella Giada, Gian Paolo Marino
  • Environmental protection – Case study of the school units of Pikermi in Greece  
    Economou Agisilaos
  • The “addition strategy” in building extension and sustainable transformation  
    Gaspari Jacopo
  • Aspects of sustainable appartment housing  
    Gies Michael, Ines Lauer
  • Algorithmic art-architecture, 3D Voronoi/delaunay automatic generated structure  
    Hedwic Houskova Nina
  • The urbanistic answers to the actual problems of modernity  
    Holubec Pavel
  • Net-Zero Energy Buildings  
    Jůna Ladislav
  • Cognitive algorithms in structural optimization  
    Kaftan Martin
  • Experiences and knowhow from implementation of experimental low-energy house in accordance with criterions of sustainable civil engineering  
    Kamensky Martin, Miloslav Bagoňa, Martin Lopušniak
  • All-Glass Facades in Fire Conditions from Sustainable Development - Point of View  
    Kupilík Václav, Marek Pokorný
  • Industrial Heritage towards Sustainability  
    Med Tomáš
  • Associative design techniques in sustainable architecture  
    Pavlíček Jiří, Weijie Liu, Shiyun Qian
  • Renovation of a historic barn into a passive residential house  
    Reinberg Georg W. , Petr Novàk
  • Photovoltaics is Modern Architecture  
    Reinberg Georg W.
  • The Solar Aktivhaus – a building example  
    Reinberg Georg W.
  • Day Care Nursery School in Nursery Deutsch-Wagram  
    Reinberg Georg W.
  • Preservation of the historic stock in Passive House Refurbishment  
    Reinberg Martha Enriquez, Georg W. Reinberg
  • A case study of low-energy houses in northern Italy  
    Salvalai Graziano, E. Zambelli
  • Inspired by the past, built for the future – conversion of a former substation, a monumental listed building  
    Schneider Beate, Klemens Osika
  • Energy base, sustainable passivehouse office building  
    Schneider Ursula
  • Collective dwelling  
    Silva Sara Cardoso, Helena Coch
  • Sustainable and Smart University Campuses; Strategic Approach to Sustainability and Building Intelligence for University Campuses  
    Skopek Jiri
  • Passive Office Building – The Effect of Shading and Thermal Mass  
    Staněk Kamil, Marek Ženka
  • Green Landmarks: Possible Ways of Decreasing the Energetic Demands of Historically Valuable Buildings  
    Svobodova Mahulena
  • Sustainable Design and Redesign of Buildings in Slovakia  
    Šenitková Ingrid, Anna Vašková
  • Static design of thermal insulating steel connections  
    Šulcová Zuzana, Zdeněk Sokol, František Wald
  • Solar School in the Village of Kargyak  
    Tilinger Jan
  • Expandable Dwelling System for Rapid Construction  
    Truksa Pavel
  • Ways from passive to zero energy house  
    Tywoniak Jan
  • The Models suitable for Application of Fibre Concrete with recycling material  
    Vodička Jan, Vladimíra Vytlačilová,
  • Programs for simulation daylight lighting and their use in practise  
    Zapletalová Martina
  • Strengthening of masonry vaulted structures  
    Zlámal Martin, Petr Štěpánek