Policy and legislation - Extended Proceedings

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  • Towards a carbon neutral settlement in Norway. Science in action. - The case of Brøset, Trondheim  
    Bohne Rolf André, Annemie Wyckmans, Judith Thomsen, Eli Støa
  • Policies and strategies on sustainable buildings in India  
    Kochhar Priyanka
  • The Role and Importance of an International Standardised Approach to Sustainability Reporting in the Construction and Real Estate Sector  
    Lützkendorf Thomas, David Lorenz, Katherine Miles
  • A Review of Structures of Industry Opinion: Contextual Paradigms Surrounding the Emergence of Passivhaus Design in the Uk  
    Lynch Henrietta
  • Solving of current brownfields and suburbanization problems within sustainable development of residences and regions. Analysis of current strategies.  
    Mansfeldová Alena, Zuzana Kramářová
  • Sustainable house? Naturally!  
    Medgyasszay Péter
  • Standardization of a sustainable and eco-efficient building material: Earth – A German perspective  
    Müller Urs, Christof Ziegert, Ulrich Röhlen, Horst Schroeder
  • Cyprus building energy performance methodology: A comparison of the calculated and measured energy consumption results  
    Panayiotou Gregoris , C.N. Maxoulis, S.A. Kalogirou, G.A. Florides, A.M. Papadopoulos, M. Neophytou, P.A. Fokaides, G. Georgiou, A. Symeou, N. Hadjinikolaou, G. Georgakis
  • Legislation for decision-making process in implementation of technical steps for green structures  
    Pěnčík Jan, Radomír Boce, Marek Foglar
  • Governance aspects of sustainable building councils – results from a survey  
    Sedlacek Sabine
  • Advanced assessment of industrial heritage buildings for sustainable cities’ development  
    Sýkora Miroslav, Milan Holický, Jana Marková
  • Sustainable building design strategies for pakistan  
    Tirmizi Muhammad Ali
  • Sensitivity analysis of building stock management model  
    Vytlačil Dalibor
  • Sustainable construction in Poland – a need for strategic approach  
    Wall Sebastian