Extended Proceedings

This is Extended Proceedings of papers in PDF formate. The abstracts are sorted in eight sections which relates to the main topics of the conference Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2010.

Advanced building design
Integrated design, challenging strategies, case studies, urban consequences, best practices

Energy efficiency
Solar energy and sustainable building, low energy, passive and zero energy buildings

Material efficiency
Durability, reliability, high performance materials, renewable, recycled and alternative materials

Quality of internal and external environment
Functional and operational quality of buildings, indoor climate, optimization, simulation and calculation tools

Assessment methods
Sustainable buildings assessment schemes, LCA, building quality optimization tools, certification

Low-cost buildings, LCC, added value, economical benefits of sustainable buildings

Policy and legislation
Legislative support, standardization, public activities, active approach of governments and local authorities

Education and information
Education at secondary schools and universities, lifetime education, information dissemination